Welcome to the Unsettled Territories.

You may be here because you wish to hide from the outside world. You may be here because you wanted to see what real survival is. Or, you may simply be here to try to make some coin. Whatever, the reason, you have come to the deadliest and most untamed lands in all the world. No kingdom has ever controlled the Unsettled Territories for very long, and many of the lands treasures have remained hidden from the living for centuries. Journey into the dense forests of the Territories and discover what awaits you.

Before beginning your adventure, you may want to read up on the area. Why not start at one of these pages:

The Unsettled Territories

Fort First Light

Also, here’s a list of helpful websites:

NPC Generator

A quick NPC Builder

D&D Tools

Handy for quick searching feats, also has an Android app. Very useful for finding information without paging through a bunch of books.

Hero Machine
You can make character portraits here. If you make a portrait for your character, send it to me and I’ll add it to your character’s page on the wiki.

Character Portrait Database
I’m trying to have most of the characters in this campaign have faces on the wiki. Here is where I find them. Possibly NSFW, as I’m discovering.

D&D 3.5 Character Generator
This is a very detailed character creation engine that encompasses almost all of the 3.5 books. It’s a good way to double-check that you’ve made your character correctly, and it’s also nice for looking ahead to prestige or multiclasses.

Monster Advancer
This is how I will find new and exciting ways to kill you.

Encounter Level Calculator
This is to make sure you don’t die too often.

Tha Randomizer
For names and other some such.