Stefan's PC


A young cleric, of dubious temperament.


Thordin arrived in Fort First Light in the spring of 1380. There, he inspected the fallen temple of Torm, and vowed to restore it to glory. He quickly became friends with Tristan Skipsilver, who was attempting to use his vast wealth to hire adventurers to help Fort First Light to achieve its potential. Thordin saw that Tristan’s quest was good, and they agreed to help each other. Tristan sent Thordin to investigate disappearances in the Under Alleys. There, Thordin uncovered a colony of Dire Rats, as well as a rat like humanoid who was defiling holy symbols and creating new symbols. Thordin defeated these creatures, and reported his findings to Tristan, who said he would attempt to uncover the meaning of the symbols. The next day, the flowers from the gardens mysteriously bloomed simultaneously, filling the town with a pleasing scent.

Also, while in the sewers, Thordin encountered Daglum.


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