Unsettled Territories

The Cleric's Test and the Rise of Killer Carriage (Sponsored by Thaddeus J Spider's Spider Emporium)

Freezus, Even, Thordin, Thaddeus

Like most adventures thus far, this one began at the Broken Barrel, where Thadeus, Freezus, and Even were drinking. Thordin soon came by, looking for Thaddeus, and informed the group that Tristan Skipsilver had given them rooms in Hearthstone Hall. Thaddeus, heavily inebriated, was overjoyed at the news and walked back with Thordin. Thordin went to bed and Thaddeus passed out on the main staircase. Even and Freezus continued their festivities, and performed many songs as Killer Carriage. The band gained popularity through the night, and by the time the bar closed, the two found themselves in the company of a pair of local girls. Even and Freezus took the girls back to Hearthstone Hall, where they split up into separate rooms with one woman each. Freezus took the homely Anyssa, and Even took the marginally attractive Katniss.

Freezus and Anyssa’s “activities” woke the Thordin, several rooms away. Convinced someone was being attacked, Thordin began kicking in doors wielding his mace against whoever may be intruding. Freezus quickly made Anyssa invisible, and bluffed the cleric into believing nothing was going on. However, Anyssa, now invisible and startled by the cleric, opened the far window to escape the kerfuffle. A loud thud was heard shortly thereafter. Even snuck up behind Thordin and distracted him while Freezus cast sleep. They took the cleric back to his bedroom. Even went outside to find Anyssa, now looking like a limping swath of bedsheets moving down the street. Even cast a spell to disguise himself as Katniss, and convinced Anyssa that Even and Freezus were “bad dudes” and told her to meet her (Even) outside of town at the entrance to a particular dungeon that Even had knowledge of. The girl fled, and Even went back upstairs to find Katniss freaking out about her friend disappearing. Another sleep spell, and the gently snoring Katniss was placed in the cleric’s bed by Even and Freezus.

When Thordin awoke, he found himself next to Katniss and freaked out. The woman was unable to recall the night before due to the alcohol, and was confused. Thordin apologized, gave her some gold and blessed her before she left. Thordin confronted Even and Freezus, as he recalled strange happenings the night before, but the pair convinced the cleric that what he remembered were just nightmares after he had too much to drink. The cleric was confused and suspicious, and decided to spend the day and the crumbling temple of Torm in quiet reflection.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus J Spider took his earnings from selling spiders in the Under Alleys to the temple of Waukeen, and established a business for himself in the northern markets (Thaddeus J Spider’s Spider Emporium: More spiders, more value). With the help of the accountants and consultants at the temple, he was able to find employees to do the majority of “rock lookin’” needed to maintain a steady spider-supply, as well as trained employees who could maintain his booth in the northern market while he was adventuring. He also established personal and business banking accounts at the temple, and paid Freezus and Even to make a jingle for Thaddeus J Spider’s Spider Emporium.

Meanwhile, spurred by their successful performance the night before, Even and Freezus decided to plan a huge show the next night at the Broken Barrel. They began to make posters that they hung over town, and Even spoke with several merchants to acquire and modify a large carriage. Using the money they had collected from adventuring, the two purchased a carriage, two war ponies, and were even able to jury-rig a repurposed ballista to the back end of the carriage. The carriage was painted with flames on the sides and the name, “Ye Olde Pussy Wagon.”

The next day, Thordin spoke to Shad Kader on behalf of Tristan, but found the merchant king to be difficult to sway. He resolved to investigate ways he could change Kader’s indifferent attitude, and try again at a later date. He went to the Broken Barrel, where he noticed the patrons were going crazy for a now dish of cheese melted over crispy baked flour rounds. The patrons called them “Nachos.” Thaddeus joined him, and the two discussed potentially investigating the disappearances of missing hunters in the southern wilds.

As event time neared, a distant rhythmic stomping was heard as the war ponies pulled Even and Freezus, standing aloft on Ye Olde Pussy Wagon, through the large barroom doors and to the stage. Combing ghost sound and silent image spells, lightning flashed and fog rolled in as floating skulls flew about, whispering names. Killer Carriage bought the whole house a round, and proceeded to play a show that was, if not good, at least loud. It was certainly something people would be talking about.



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