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Current events in the world:

  • The Unsettled Territories is in the third month of a four months rainy season.
  • The holiday The Eve of Shadows was recently celebrated by Fort First Light
  • The recovery of a printing press allowed The Historical Library to create the area’s first periodical, The Beacon, named after the historic landmark in town.
  • Due to the efforts of adventurers funded by Tristan Skipsilver, the roads to the farmlands are the safest roads to travel in the Territories.
  • Tristan Skipsilver has left Fort First Light on private matters, leaving his assistant, Cornelius Finch in charge. However, without access to Tristan’s financial reserve, Cornelius has been unable to fund large projects.

Here are some places to start:


Tristan Skipsilver

Cornelius Finch

Tamlyn Theruvial



Fort First Light

The Under Alleys

The Historical Library

The Beacon

The Amphitheater

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